Since its establishment in 2005, the Good Morning Snore Solution anti-snoring mouthpiece has been a spectacular snoring device. The GMSS is a product ofthe company’s initiative to provide wellness through science. True enough, GMSS lived up to its promise.

The power of theGood Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece to stop snoring is scientifically-proven. As a product developed by a team of doctors, this anti-snoring device is surely reliable. Not to mention, it is safe and easy to use.

Speaking of doctors, the original version of the GMSS was just a simple mouthpiece made by Dr. Leslie Dort. There are a lot of snoring mouthpieces that are too complex to use. Dr. Dort wanted something simpler, but highly effective.

It wasDr. Nancy Markley who developed the GMSS from these prototypes. Since then, GMSS had helped millions of people who have snoring problems. This snoring device completely rejected the complexity to produce a strong solution.

Most of the snoring mouthpieces that you will encounter are MADs, but GMSS is atongue retaining device (TRD). At first, this product might seem unattractive to use because of how it looks. But knowing its ability can change your opinion of it.

As a TRD, what GMSS does is to hold your tongue in place, so it does not fall back into your throat. The aim is to have enough space for air to move freely. The tightness of the airway is what causes the snoring.

Now, this Good Morning Snore Solution review is an in-depth look at the power of the anti-snoring device. GMSS has so many features to boast and benefits to give. Amidst so many snoring devices in the market, this might be the one for you.

So, stay with us until the end as we unpack the promised potential of GMSS!

What You Need to Know About GMSS

It took years for a team of doctors to develop the Good Morning Snore Solution, but it yielded good results. Now, you have an anti-snoring mouthpiece that is simple and safe to use. With this device, you will have the most peaceful sleep you always wanted.

The GMSS is made of soft materials, so it is very comfortable to use. It also fits universally and does not need adjustments. Even better, this device is tested and cleared by the FDA and other health institutions in Canada.

Benefits of Using GMSS Mouthpiece

The main thing that snoring affects is someone’s sleeping. Snoring can cause loss of sleep and sleep disorders. In fact, instead of taking a complete rest, your body is forced to work more because of snoring.

This problem leads to a feeling of tiredness the moment you wake up. You are already in low spirits even when your day is just beginning. The Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece provides long-term benefits to your well-being.

There are a lot of diseases that you can prevent by eliminating your snoring problems through the GMSS anti-snoring device. This includes heart attack or stroke, hypertension, depressionand evendiabetes.

With GMSS, your sleep is not interrupted, and you are able to function with a much-needed energy the next day. Your body needs time to heal and rebuild as you sleep. Thus, the absence of snoring with the help of GMSS can bring a great result.

It is always better to take the easier way to prevent a disease instead of relying on medication.

GMSS Mouthpiece for Snoring: Advantages and Disadvantages

With GMSS, you are getting a product that is worth every penny you spend. Your health and well-being are always the top priority of the company. Thus, even if you compare this product with the others, you’ll find the GMSS is at a huge advantage.

Speaking of advantages, it is best to look at the pros and cons of GMSS. To have an unbiased evaluation of this snoring mouthpiece, it is important to also consider its cons. This way, you will have a better picture of what a GMSS mouthpiece can do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Need to Eliminate Snoring?

You’d think that snoring is just a hassle for the people in the house, but it might actually be a bigger problem. For one, excessive snoring isa sign of obstructive sleep apnea. This condition is, in fact, a sleep disorder that causes your breathing to periodically stop.

Using a snoring mouthpiece like GMSS can help lessen—even completely eliminate—this problem. After all, snoring can also lead to serious problems. It is simply better to prevent it as early as you can, instead of it worsening.

Who Can Use GMSS?

Since the GMSS is a TRD, it is not as limited as a MAD in terms of who can use it. Even if you have dentures, crowns, bridge, or other dental work, this snoring mouthpiece is good for you. Even with loose or weak teeth, this device can be used.

In fact, you do not need an official prescription from a doctor or dentist if you want to use this device. It is also beginner-friendly for those who are not used to anti-snoring devices. A MAD may be too difficult for those who are using it for the first time.

However, the GMSS mouthpiece might be difficult to use for those who have problems breathing through their nose. This is not recommended to those who have a nose injury. Remember that when you wear GMSS, you have to breathe through your nose.

Does GMSS Actually Work?

Understandinghow the GMSS works is the key to know whether it actually works. Its key strategy is Tongue Stabilization thus it mainly holds the tongue as you sleep. By keeping the tongue forward, the blocked airways are cleared.

Besides, this particular type of device is much more comfortable to use for many users. It is ideal to have the device outside of your mouth. It also does not have any side effects—if it has, it’s mostly just soreness and salivation in the beginning.

As you now know, the GMSS went through several clinical trials before it was released to the market. In itsofficial review page, the majority of the users gave the product a five- or four-star rating. This goes to show the kind of effectivity that the GMSS stop snoring mouthpiece can give.

Is GMSS Worth the Price?

You might find the GMSS mouthpiece to be relatively more expensive than the other mouthpieces. However, its scientific and user-supported effectiveness is a testament to its capabilities. After all, you get a snore-free life in exchange for the amount you pay.

You have two options when buying the Good Morning Snore Solution anti-snoring devices. TheGMSS Bundle Pack includes the mouthpiece and a carrying case. Meanwhile, theGMSS Value Pack includes two mouthpieces and carrying cases.

The Bundle Pack is good for beginners, while the Value Pack is for family use. You see, the GMSS went through various rigorous clinical trials, so it definitely has a high credibility.

Universal Size of GMSS

Most anti-snoring devices need to go through the boil-and-bite process to get the right fit. Luckily, the GMSS has a universal size that already fits all mouth sizes. This means that you no longer need to mold it to fit your mouth.

Of course, a snoring mouthpiece that you can freely adjust holds a big advantage. But a device that does not need adjusting and still fits nonetheless is even greater. Only an optimal design can achieve a big feat like this.

Now, since the GMSS is not inserted into your mouth, your jaw and teeth are not pressured. You don’t have to worry about your denture accidentally coming off at all. Certainly, the GMSS mouthpiece brings a kind of convenience that others can’t give.

Cleaning Tips for GMSS

It takes a bit of work in cleaning a GMSS mouthpiece, but it will be worth it. Thorough cleaning this snoring device guarantees that it will reach the promised 12 months of usefulness. Thus, you need to pay close attention to the whole cleaning process.

Now, to clean the GMSS snoring mouthpiece, you need cold water and denture solution. The cold water should be mixed with the denture cleaning solution. This solution will provide extra protection to the mouthpiece.

You have to submerge and soak the mouthpiece in the solution for a full 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you must swirl the container so that the solution will soak all over the mouthpiece. Once this is done, you can now take out the mouthpiece and let it dry.

As an alternative, you can use a mixture of toothpaste and cold water. Just like the process earlier, you will also soak the mouthpiece into the toothpaste mixture for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you must rinse it with cold water and let it dry.

Company Reputation of GMSS

Aside from the clinical studies and credibility of its creators, there is also the reputation of the company behind GMSS. The company is none other than MPowrx, and it is based in Canada. Its headquartersis in Calgary, Alberta.

What makes this company reputable is itsA+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. This kind of reputation means that the company has a proven trustworthiness. This mainly roots from the company’s transparent business and production practices.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, Dr. Dort is the primary inventor of the Good Morning Snore Solution. She has an official grant from the Alberta Research Foundation for Medical Research. This means that the country fully supports her developments.

Thus, MPowrx and the people behind it are truly reputable, and the GMSS mouthpiece is a trustworthy product.

Clinical Trials Data of GMSS

The clinical trials of GMSS are being mentioned throughout this article. It is worth noting these results because it can further prove its effectiveness. In fact, the result of this study is published in the 2008 edition of the Journal of Sleep and Breathing.

Dr. Dort conducted her study on 32 patients who used the GMSS, and one who used another sample. On average, the snoring of the patients using the GMSS is reduced by nearly 40%. This is huge considering that they’re only using it for a week.

Additionally, about 70% of the patients said that they will continue using the device after one week. This goes to show the form and effectiveness of the product truly appealed to them.

User Comments on GMSS

We picked some honest user comments to help you decide if the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece is for you. Currently, the GMSS mouthpiece holds an average of 4.7 stars ratings. Most of the users gave it four or five stars.

Michael Whiteside urges buyers to push through with using GMSS. He says that it took him awhile to fully adjust to the mouthpiece, and it was uncomfortable at the start. But it ended up being an effective snoring device that he no longer snores as he sleeps.

It’s a different case for Louie Burks as she decided to only give GMSS three stars. She says that it works for her as she no longer snores as she used to earlier. However, she keeps having problems because it keeps falling from her mouth as she sleeps.

For Martha Amazonia though, the GMSS mouthpiece is a useful device because she is a ‘tongue snorer.’ Since the GMSS is a TRD, it fits well with her needs and it keeps her tongue stabilized.

Alice C., her friend, and her son big snorers, so she decided to buy three GMSS mouthpieces for them. She says that this snoring device is fantastic and works well for them. She finds that it is totally worth it for its price.

Meanwhile, Jeff Petack summed up the GMSS mouthpiece in three key points: great, easy to use, and comfortable. He says that it’s the only product that completely stopped his snoring. Now, he and his wife can sleep peacefully at night.

Final Thoughts

There surely has been a lot to discuss the Good Morning Snore Solution. Still, this further emphasized the effectiveness and credibility of the GMSS mouthpiece. This product is a result of thorough research and detailed designing.

The Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece stands as one of the few reliable TRD types of snoring device. It is convenient to use because you don’t need to put it in your mouth. Its one-size-fits-all feature makes it fit for a lot of people, even children.

If the strong clinical study result and glowing reviews from loyal customers are not convincing enough, then what else will? To prevent serious diseases and loss of sleep, get your GMSS now.