There are a lot of PureSleep reviews around, but none of them really get into the wonders of this product. This anti-snoring device is among the best sellingbrands in the world. With its many features, you get an affordable yet very reliable product.

Ever since its feature inGood Morning America, PureSleep had been in a lot of discussions. Is it really possible to stop snoring, just like this brand promised? Upon hearing about it for the first time, you’ll probably feel skeptical at first.

But thePureSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece proves its worth and reliability. This snoring mouthpiece is a mandibular advancement device or MAD. It has the ability to adjust the jaw forward to create a clear airway path for breathing.

In fact, MAD is one of the most commonly used types of anti-snoring device. Aside from its effectiveness, it also brings comfort to the user. Not to mention, it is also convenient to use as you don’t need to go through processes to use it.

The earlier you treat your snoring problems, the more that you are securing yourself from complications. The thing is, excessive snoringcan lead to serious problems later on if left untreated. It can even go so far as to cause heart

Thus, before the worse happens, it is better to start addressing the root cause now. This saves you a lot of time and money. More importantly, you do not have to suffer from deteriorating health caused by excessive

With PureSleep, you have a relatively cheaper but no less effective option. As promised, we are going to discuss and highlight the best features of this snoring device. This should help you decide whether this snoring mouthpiece is for you.

What You Need to Know About PureSleep

PureSleep is a stop-snoring mouthpiece, which has a popular status. This mouthpiece has a lot going for it, especially with its outstanding features. As a MAD, it acts as a support for the jaw to adjust it from its original position.

Snoring is a common occurrence for a majority of the world’s population. Many nights are interrupted by excessive snoring, thus leading to distracted sleep. But with PureSleep, your snoring problems are guaranteed to go away completely.

PureSleep Snoring Mouthpiece: Advantages and Disadvantages

The moment you open a package of PureSleep, you will find a white mouthpiece. This is almost similar to those used by boxers and other contact sports. As mentioned earlier, this device adjusts the lower jaw forward to increase the airway path.

Now, to better show just how effective this device is, we listed its pros and cons. Of course, not all products are perfect which is why we’re also discussing its cons. This will help you have a balanced consideration of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes PureSleep Different?

One of the things that make PureSleep different from other snoring devices is its fitting and adjustment. As long as you follow the process correctly, you can get the right fit in a few minutes. It also has three fitting settings depending on your bite on the device.

There are probably hundreds of snoring mouthpieces in the market, but PureSleep is at the top. It is a well-known and trusted product compared to the other brands.

Why You Need to Eliminate Snoring?

As mentioned earlier, excessive snoring can lead to complications in the heart and your health in general. Other than that though, it can also lead to and/ora sign of obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is also one of the leading causes of heart problems.

Simply looking at this, you can probably see how big of an impact snoring can do to your life. Why do you have to ignore it when you have a solution in PureSleep? By spending a relatively cheaper amount, you get to stop the problem immediately.

Does PureSleep Actually Work?

This device works to support the lower jaw of your mouth. Essentially, the jaw is not in the right place, so the airway path gets blocked. This blockage causes some vibration in the tissue, which causes your snoring.

Now, what PureSleep does is topush your lower jaw forward. By pushing it, the jaw gets into its right position, thus opening the path for breathing. You may feel soreness and experience drooling at first, but it will pass in a few days.

Who Can Use PureSleep?

It is better to get a PureSleep snoring mouthpiece with the advice of your dentist. After all, this will be inserted into your mouth and will be in contact with your teeth. The dentist would know which suits you the best.

However, PureSleep is proven safe and reliable even without a dentist’s advice. Still, this device is not for individuals who have dentures and lose teeth. Some might have a teeth-grinding tendency, which will not be good for both the device and your teeth.

Is PureSleep Worth the Price?

What would be better than getting two devices for the price of one? PureSleep follows a ‘try it before you buy it’ policy. They don’t want to compromise the quality of their product, so they want you to test it first.

At initial purchase, you only need to pay for the shipping of the device to your house. If it doesn’t work for you and you want to return it, then it’s fine with PureSleep. But if it worked well for you, then you have a reliable device at a cheaper price.

Custom Fitting Process

Upon receiving your PureSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece, you have to fit it first via the boil-and-bite process. To do so, you can follow this step-by-step process:


Boil two cups of water, and then fill it into a basin or container.


Submerge the PureSleep mouthpiece into the water for a minute. Then, retrieve it with tongs.


Once it is out of the water, wait for a few seconds then immediately put it in your mouth.


Remember to bite down hard and hold it for 45 seconds.


Remove the device, and then cool it in cold water immediately.

Cleaning Tips

Due to its delicate design, the PureSleep mouthpiece is quite tricky to clean. However, you don’t need to go to an expert to get it cleaned. You just need a toothbrush and dish soap for the whole process.

Remember not to use cleaning substances with alcohol or chemical that might ruin the quality of PureSleep mouthpiece. This snoring device may last for six to nine months. Still, taking extra care and precaution is needed to achieve this.

User Comments

Known as the number one snoring solution in the world, PureSleep has a lot ofpositive and glowing reviews. These reviews come from its customers who stopped snoring.

Bethany Wilson commented that this device actually saved her marriage. Her snoring had been bothering her husband at night. After using the PureSleep snoring device, they now have peaceful nights at home.

Meanwhile, Dennis Nicolosi is a returning customer of PureSleep. He used this snoring device a long time ago, and it stopped his snoring. Now that his wife is the one experiencing the same problem, he came back to PureSleep for help.

Final Thoughts

With a reputation as PureSleep, you can’t help but be attracted to it. It leads to good result though, because this snoring mouthpiece actually works.

The PureSleep anti-snoring device is indeed just one of the many snoring mouthpieces in the world. Still, it manages to maintain its great quality and always proves to be reliable. Thus, this device is highly recommended, so don’t miss out on it.