The SnoreRx is amandibular advancement device (MAD) like many of its other competitors. The MAD is one of the most commonly used snoring devices by people to stop snoring. If you are a ‘tongue-base snorer,’ then this one is for you.

Accordingly, the SnoreRx adjusts the jaw and tongue forward to make more room for breathing. When you sleep, the jaw and tongue cause obstruction of the airway. This obstruction is what causes the snoring.

If left unaddressed, excessive snoring can lead to a lot of complications. Often, this snoring problem can lead to heart diseases. It is also a condition that’s not good for sleeping, both for you and the people you live with.

Thus, the SnoreRx is an important device to help eliminate your snoring problems. This device helps prevent the muscles in your throat to collapse. As you know, your throat muscle tends to relax when you sleep, which causes it to produce vibrations.

Upon receiving a SnoreRx package, there are instructions that you need to follow before you can use it. This device undergoes the ‘boil-and-bite’ technique in order to fit in your mouth. Thus, you really need to carefully follow the instructions.

As with our responses to the new things in our lives, it takes a while to adjust to the SnoreRx. Your mouth and gums will surely experience tenderness and soreness for a few days. But these should only take a few days before you get used to it.

Now, to learn more about SnoreRx, we prepared a more detailed discussion below. You will learn more about the SnoreRx device, and we’re excited for you to love it too!

What You Need to Know About SnoreRx

You probably already tried so many snoring devices in your life, but none of them fits your preference. This may also be the first time that you are going to use a snoring device like SnoreRx. So, it is really important to know what you can about it.

The SnoreRx is not just an ordinary snoring device because it is made of high-quality material. To be so much more effective, it is equipped with lots of innovative technology. There’s no doubt that the SnoreRx is one of the leading snoring devices.

To know more about SnoreRx, we prepared a comprehensive discussion of the product and its benefits. There are also various SnoreRx reviews from users that might help you decide if this is the one for you.

SnoreRx Anti-Snoring Device: Advantages and Disadvantages

Over90% of SnoreRx users reported that they are satisfied with this snoring device. In fact, this snoring mouthpiece is recommended by medical professionals. This is because of its custom impression, high medical standard compliance, and adjustability.

Personally, having a product that boasts so many features at a reasonable price is a very attractive choice. It so happens that the SnoreRx is a product that truly showed its commitment to innovation.

To know if the SnoreRx anti-snoring device is for you, we came up with a list of pros and cons. Knowing both the pros and cons of a product shall help you weigh your choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes SnoreRx Different?

There are a lot ofSnoreRx features that certainly makes it different than the others. These unique features deserve to be highlighted because they make this snoring device much better.

As you now all know, this snoring device is easily adjustable in one-millimeter increments. In addition to that, you are also allowed to reset these adjustments as you please. If you feel like you need to start at zero, then that is allowed in SnoreRx.

Unlike other snoring devices, the advanced design of SnoreRx does not have metal screws or rubber band. Thus, there are not forces that might cause constant pain while using it. The amount of force is also maintained at an adequate level.

The Posi-Lock feature of SnoreRx allows it to lock the snoring device to the current setting. As mentioned earlier, you can also reset it through the use of this feature.

Meanwhile, the Max Flow feature of SnoreRx ensures that a full airflow of oxygen goes through the mouth. If anything, this is the primary feature of this device. There are also copolymers to help cushion your teeth as you use it.

With these features, you surely can’t help but love this device even more. The SnoreRx ensures that each snoring device is of the highest quality.

Why Do We Snore?

Before we go to the actual SnoreRx product review, let’s review the cause of your snoring. Believe it or not, snoring has many causes, from lax throat muscles to a condition known as Sleep apnea. It is important to note that the treatment for snoring, such as using a snoring mouthguard, depends on its cause.

Snoring is primarily caused by narrowing airways, where throat muscles relax to the point of temporarily closing in. The loud sound of snoring is produced when air passes through this narrow airway. More often, snoring is a symptom of a serious underlying medical problem such as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious condition where a person repeatedly stops breathing during sleep.

Does SnoreRx Actually Work?

Despite several snoring mouthguard brands on the market, only a few actually work to prevent snoring. This fact begs the question: “does SnoreRx work to stop snoring?” Well, to give you a short answer, SnoreRx certainly does work! And here are the reasons why.

As mentioned above, snoring is caused by narrowing airways during sleep. Thankfully, the SnoreRx does the trick to prevent that from happening! As a custom-fitted MAD, the SnoreRx gently pushes your lower jaw forward during sleep. By adjusting your jaw, your airway opens up, and thus prevents you from snoring. It is that simple!

And there’s more! SnoreRx can be calibrated in one-millimeter increments to allow you to reach the custom-setting that you need. Not everyone has the same jaw size, so the fixed calibration settings of other oral appliances will not work for some. But, with an easily adjustable device like the SnoreRx, your snoring will definitely cease, no matter your jaw size.

You may say that the SnoreRx’s effectivity is only based on theory. But in truth, over 90% of its customers say that the SnoreRx actually works! This rate is one of the highest customer satisfaction of MADs there is! With this in mind, you can rest assured that the SnoreRx will stop your snores after the first few nights.

If you are still a bit skeptical, feel free to put the SnoreRx to the test! An easy way of finding out if the device works is by having someone see it for themselves. You can also have your smartphone record the snoring sounds as you sleep with the device on. But, a sure way of knowing that the SnoreRx works is if you feel revitalized and refreshed the morning after.

Is SnoreRx Worth the Price?

With the SnoreRx’s incredible features and benefits, you might think that this product costs a fortune. Well, good news for you! The SnoreRx has a very affordable price tag attached to it. The company also offers great discounts like a “buy one, get another for half a price” deal. In addition, this product may be shipped internationally at an affordable price to 30 and more countries.

The SnoreRx Company offers a 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee. You can try this product for 30 days and see if it is to your liking. If you feel unsatisfied with the SnoreRx, you can ask for a full refund – no questions asked! Before returning the product, it is best to read the company’s return notice form to be fully informed of the process.

Who Can Use SnoreRx?

Everyone who wants to have a peaceful night’s rest is welcome to use SnoreRx! Because of the product’s high success rate, your snoring will completely cease after the first few nights of using the device. However, it is important to take note that this product is not for everyone. If you fit into the categories mentioned below, then the using SnoreRx might not be advisable for you.

  • People with Central Sleep Apnea:The SnoreRx Company has repeatedly advertised that their product is not for people diagnosed with central sleep apnea. However, if you are diagnosed with a mild case of obstructive sleep apnea, you may be able to use this product. As long as you have the authorization of your medical professional, then you are free to use the SnoreRx.
  • Minors below 18:For minors, it is advisable to seek the advice of a medical professional before using this product. This rule applies to all minors who are wishing to try MADs and other oral appliances.
  • People with Jaw and Dental Problems: If you have a history of the temporomandibular disorder (TMD), then it is not recommended for you to use the SnoreRx. It is also not advisable to use this product when you have loose teeth or advanced periodontal disease. For people with breathing problems, please consult a medical professional before purchasing the product.
  • People Wearing Dentures, Braces, and Other Dental Devices: Since SnoreRx works by anchoring into your teeth to push your jaw forward, major dental work might render this product ineffective. It would be best to consult your orthodontist before using this product.
  • People Who Had Teeth Implants Within The Last 12 Months: People with teeth implants that no longer need to be ossified are free to use the SnoreRx

There is nothing to worry about with the SnoreRx by your side. The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine acknowledges oral appliances like SnoreRx to be a safe and effective method of preventing snoring. But, if you have any questions or concerns related to using this product, feel free to consult a competent medical professional.

Benefits of SnoreRx

If there is one thing that differentiates SnoreRx from other brands, it would be the benefits. Using SnoreRx anti-snoring device has several benefits. Let us see these benefits one-by-one!

First, the SnoreRx is more comfortable, convenient, and effective than other oral anti-snoring devices. Unlike other devices, SnoreRx can be adjusted in one-millimeter increments. This feature assures you that your anti-snoring device will be specifically adjusted to your needs and thus, stop snoring.

Second, the SnoreRx contributes to the wellness of your long-term health. Untreated snoring may lead to grave and serious health risks such as lung infection, heart failure, and liver scarring. With an effective anti-snoring device like the SnoreRx, you can prevent these health risks from occurring. You will also be able to have a revitalized and refreshed wakeup call at each and every morning.

Third, the SnoreRx is a relatively cheaper treatment for your incessant snoring. Some anti-snoring devices will charge you a fortune only to find out that the device is not working for you. On the other hand, other treatment options like surgeries are very expensive and pose greater risks. Which one would you choose – the less risky and affordable SnoreRx or expensive and non-reversible surgery?

Fourth, the SnoreRx is safe to use. It is FDA-cleared for snoring and meets the Medicare standards. The SnoreRx also has no choking hazards, so you never have to worry about choking with the product on. In addition, the SnoreRx is made of high-quality components that are hypoallergenic. This device certainly cannot transmit oral diseases or cause dental problems.

And fifth, the SnoreRx lasts longer than other anti-snoring devices. It can be used for 9 – 11 months on average. However, if you grind your teeth or clench your jaw at night, you might need to replace this product sooner.

SnoreRx Fitting Process

The steps to custom fit your SnoreRx may be a lot, but closely following them is a must. To do this, you must prepare the following: boiling water, a container, a glass of cold water, tongs, and timer. Of course, you must not forget your SnoreRx mouthpiece.

For the initial fitting, you are going to use the boil-and-bite technique. After boiling the water, you must submerge the SnoreRx into it. After waiting for about 90 seconds, you may now remove the SnoreRx using the tongs.

Immediately after removing this with the tongs, you must now submerge it into the cold water for three seconds. After this, you must now put the mouthpiece into your mouth and bite down on it for 30 seconds.

Once this process is done, you need to put the SnoreRx back into the cold water once again. It may take about 60 seconds to complete the firming of the snoring device.

Cleaning Tips

To prolong your SnoreRx device, it is important to clean it regularly. It is not that difficult to clean the SnoreRx anti-snoring device. Follow these simple tips when clean your SnoreRx device.

Unlike other brands, you only need a basin full of warm water, toothpaste, and a clean toothbrush. First, dip your SnoreRx anti-snoring device in lukewarm water. Then, apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush. Scrub your SnoreRx anti-snoring device with the toothbrush while paying close attention to teeth indentations. Afterwards, rinse the product with warm water and dry it in the open air.

User Comments

The SnoreRx anti-snoring device is one of the highest-rated anti-snoring devices on the market. It boasts a high 4.6-star rating and 842 reviews. What’s more, a large percentage of those reviews are positive. Let us see the different reviews of the verified purchasers of the SnoreRx anti-snoring device.

Joe from Taylor, BC expressed his delight on this product. For a week, his teeth had been sore while using the product. But, the SnoreRx never failed to deliver its promise. His snoring went from rhino-noise level to mice-level! But, the good news is, his wife finally started sleeping in their bed again. Truly, a marriage reunited with the SnoreRx anti-snoring device.

On the other hand, Lorrin from Glenville, NY praised the SnoreRx for its comfort. She had tried several anti-snoring devices before, but SnoreRx is definitely her favorite. Not only can she adjust the bottom part for comfort, but she can also drink a bottle of water with the SnoreRx on. She recommends anyone with snoring problems to try this device out for size!

Final Thoughts

There were indeed a lot of things to unpack when it comes to the SnoreRx snoring device. This snoring appliance has been helpful to a lot of individuals suffering from excessive snoring. It even has the promise of improving your everyday activities.

This anti-snoring mouthpiece has a lot of unique features that you will surely benefit from. Not only is it adjustable once, but you can also continuously change the settings as you see fit. Truly, SnoreRx understands your need for comfort and flexibility.