If you’re suffering from uncontrollable snores and tried everything to stop them, perhaps it’s time to try the ZenGuard snoring mouthpiece! The ZenGuard mouthpiece is silicon, bulb-shaped tongue retaining device (TRD). It might be smaller than your palm, but don’t be fooled! The ZenGuard is one small package that packs a mean punch against snoring.

The ZenGuard stop-snoring device is manufactured by ZenSleep, one of the best manufacturers ofsnoring devices in the world. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, ZenSleep is a relatively new company. They lack large credentials that many old and experienced companies have. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop ZenSleep from manufacturing vast kinds of sleeping aids like the ZenGuard.

For first impressions, you might think that ZenGuard anti-snoring device is too good to be true. After all, how can a small TRD work against years of uncontrollable snoring? Well, several studies have shown that TRDs can effectively stop snoring caused by large tongues and tonsils. Other clinical studies have also shown that TRDs have helped many patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

But, out of all the various TRDs on the market, why should you choose ZenGuard? Well, the answer is simple – among all TRDs, ZenGuard is the one that certainly works! With its features and genius design, ZenGuard will work its magic to stop your snoring, no matter how severe it may be. However, like all sleeping aids, ZenGuard has its own set of limitations.

Why Do We Snore?

Before we go to the ZenGuard product review, let us review the causes behind our nightly bane: snoring. Many experts point at narrowing airways and blockage as the primary causes of snoring. An enlarged throat tissue may become too lax and cause the airways to narrow. On the other hand, an enlarged tongue may fold behind and block the airways.

Most often, snoring is a symptom of the severe underlying medical conditions. Sleep apnea is one of the most common medical conditions linked to snoring. It is a serious sleep disorder wherein a person regularly stops breathing during sleep. If you have a snoring problem, it is important to get a medical professional to check if you have sleep apnea. Left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to more severe medical conditions like high blood pressure, adult asthma, memory loss, heart disease, liver disease, abnormal cholesterol, high blood sugar level etc.

ZenGuard Anti-Snoring Device: Advantages and Disadvantages

Among all other TRDs on the market, ZenGuard is arguably one of the best there is. But then, you might ask “On what basis?” Well, take a look at these pros and cons and see for yourself! After reading, you will come to fully understand what makes ZenGuard so loved by the masses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ZenGuard Actually Work?

While there are many brands of TRDs on the market, only a handfulworks against snoring. What’s more, these non-working TRDs are sold at the highest prices; can you believe that? Luckily for you, the ZenGuard anti-snoring device works on 99.5% of the customers who tried it. Here is the secret behind ZenGuard’s anti-snore magic.

As a TRD, ZenGuard prevents snoring by holding your tongue in place as you sleep. To use, the bulb on this device is squeezed and placed on the tip of your tongue. The device is secured in place by wing-like extensions on its upper and lower sides. These extensions stay between your lips and gums. Through the suction force and extensions, this device helps keep your muscles from blocking your airways during sleep.

You may think: “But that’s all in theory! How effective is it in action?” Well, good news for you, there are several studies that showed the absolute effectiveness of TRDs like ZenGuard. In a study, conducted by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, 20 male patients with obstructive sleep apnea were asked to use a TRD. On their first night, their snoring drastically decreased!

And there’s more! Among TRD brands, ZenGuard has the highest customer satisfaction. From its large base of customers, 99.5% reported positive results in using this product. No TRD brand has reached this level of customer satisfaction as ZenGuard has.

Still skeptical of the ZenGuard? Well, there is no harm in trying it for size, right? After all, the best way to find out if it works is by trying it for oneself. Before using the ZenGuard, it is recommended to wear it for 10 minutes a day. This will help your tongue get used to the product. Then at night, have someone monitor your snoring levels. You will be amazed to know that your snoring has ceased entirely!

Is ZenGuard Worth the Price?

The short answer to this question: Absolutely! With the high level of effectiveness and customer satisfaction with this product, why would you not want the ZenGuard anti-snoring device? But then again, you might be thinking that the ZenGuard cost a fortune. After all, all effective TRDs seem to have the most expensive price tags. Luckily, the ZenGuard isn’t the case!

As mentioned before, the ZenGuard is a relatively cheaper TRD brand on the market. In addition, there is no shipping charge as long as the product is delivered at any location in the USA. The ZenSleep Company also offers a myriad of discounts for their products from time to time. Combining that with the ZenGuard’s low price, the ZenGuard is beyond affordable!

But, that’s not all! The ZenGuard anti-snoring device comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If the ZenGuard has not ceased your snoring after 90 days, then you can ask for a full refund. This feature makes the ZenGuard anti-snoring device as one of the lowest-risk purchases. Beginners to TRDs and sleeping aids may use the ZenGuard to test the waters.

Cleaning Tips

Like all sleeping aids and snoring devices, the ZenGuard works the best if it is maintained well. For this reason, it is incredibly important that you clean your ZenGuard stop-snoring device at regular intervals. Here are some tips that you can follow in cleaning the ZenGuard anti-snoring mouthpiece.

First, always clean your ZenGuard mouthpiece after each use. It is advisable to use warm water for cleaning this device. When rinsing, have the V notch of the ZenGuard facing downwards. This will help soften the silicone material of the device and, in turn, fit better in your tongue.

Second, use a very mild detergent in cleaning this product. This step may be optional, but it will never hurt to disinfect your ZenGuard with a mild cleaning product. Never use mouthwash or any strong cleaning agent as they will damage the silicone casing. After washing, dry the ZenGuard thoroughly and store it in a safe container.

Final Thoughts

If you want to go back to the peaceful days of slumber, you might want to give ZenGuard a try. The ZenGuard anti-snoring device is a new yet popularly-selling TRD brand on the market. Developed by ZenSleep after five years of research, this product is known for its high customer satisfaction rate and effectiveness. It is also an affordable and low-risk purchase for beginners who would like to the test the waters of sleeping aids.