Snoring is a very simple yet persistent problem most adults today are dealing with. Statistics show that at some point in their lives, adults experience snoring. As one grows older, snoring becomes more rampant.

When it comes to genders, snoring is more common among men. An estimate of 40% of adult men experiences habitual snoring. On the contrary, only 24% of adult women experience this. But while these numbers might sound plenty, there are now a lot of methods to stop snoring.

You can opt to go through a surgical operation if your snoring is worst. However, if you want to try to cure your snoring without commitment and shelling out too much cash, there are still other options.

There are now mouth guards, chin straps, MADs (mandibular advancement device), TRDs (tongue retaining device) and the CPAP, claiming to cure snoring. For today, we will be talking about best snoring pillows.

LevelSleep is a very established brand when it comes to sleeping and health products such as pillows, mattresses and the like. Here’s a LevelSleep Restore Pillow review. Please stay tuned to see whether this anti-snore pillow might work for you!

All about LevelSleep

Unlike other brands, what makes LevelSleep different is that its Restore Pillow is invented by somebody who knows what it’s like for snorers and people around snorers. After a series of trial and error, LevelSleep’s inventor/founder Roger Sramek came up with the Restore pillow.

Authoring eight issued patents and six pending patents, Sramek saw snoring as a challenge and decided to invent a pillow that can help solve it. Along with Stanford University’s Center for Human Sleep Research, LevelSleep’s founder/investor underwent several clinical studies.

The LevelSleep Restore Pillow is clinically tried and tested. It is also FDA cleared which says a lot about its effectiveness when it comes to curing snoring. However, it doesn’t stop there.

The pillows and its actual specs and features will continue to surprise you. Here are some more details about the Restore Pillow we think you need to know.

Why Choose LevelSleep Restore Pillow?

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose LevelSleep’s Restore Pillow. First would be its effectiveness. The pillow’s effectiveness lies in its design and features. It has an adjustable size with a product dimension of 24” x 14” x 4” to 6”.

As for the material, the cover is made with highly breathable Recoveree stretch polyester. The material is very durable and light at the same time. And for the material of the pillow itself, it is made with Polyurethane Foam.

Second, it runs a pretty long free trial period. Compared to other brands, you have 110 nights of free trial. Thus, providing you ample time to see if the pillow works for you or not.

During this period, you can see if you need to change sleeping positions, use the pillow with other snoring device and other methods. If not, you can simply return the product free of charge. Then, LevelSleep will issue you your refund.

All in all, good value for the money and customer satisfaction even after the purchase has been made is never lacking with LevelSleep.

Rest assured that every penny you spend with LevelSleep will be worth it.

LevelSleep Restore Pillow: Advantages and Disadvantages

Like most products in the market out there, the LevelSleep Restore Pillow has its own set of pros and cons. So without further delays, here is a more detailed review of the LevelSleep Restore Pillow:

Types of Snoring Pillows

There are different types of snoring pillows. All of them cater to different sleeping positions and degrees or types of snoring. It is very important that you know which position you usually sleep in and what type or snore you have.

You have four different types of snoring pillow: the wedge pillow, contour pillow, CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) pillow,and the neck cervical support pillow. There are also sub-types such as the memory foam pillow and the latex foam pillow.

The two are categorized based on material and not shape or design.

The wedge pillow is ideal for tongue snorers and people who often sleep on their backs. This type of pillow elevates the head, neck,and back while providing support. In turn, it helps keep the tongue from slipping down to the back of the throat and blocking the airway.

On the other hand, a contour pillow helps the user to achieve ideal alignment of head, neck,and shoulders as he/she sleeps. The thick and firm edges, as well as the concave depression in the middle,are what help do this.

This is also what helps open airways thus preventing snoring. Third, we have the CPAP pillow. The CPAP pillow works best with the CPAP machine. Those with severe snoring problems and sleep apnea use the CPAP machine.

However, they do get quite uncomfortable as you sleep. The CPAP pillow aims to make it comfortable for CPAP users.They give ample support for your head, neck,and shoulders.

Finally, the neck cervical support pillow makes the list. This pillow cradles the neck while giving enough support to the body/back. Thus, allowing the spine to relax. As for the memory foam pillow and latex foam pillow, there are only two things that make them different.

The memory foam pillow is meant to spring back to its original size and form even after use. It also conforms to the shape of the person while the pillow is in use. This helps provide proper support while giving comfort.

And then the latex foam pillows are much more firm than the memory foam pillow. This is because the latex foam pillow is meant for light snorers. Latex foam pillows have a gentle curve which keeps the airways aligned properly.

In addition, this type of pillow is what helps reduce tossing and turning while in sleep as the two can actually worsen snoring problems. However, do note that all these types have different purposes and designs.

What type might work for most or some, might not work for you? Finding out more about your sleeping patterns and the snoring problem is what will pinpoint the best snoring pillow type for you.

Types of Snoring

Like the snoring pillows, snoring itself has different types and degrees of intensity. Aside from getting acquainted with your sleeping habits and patterns, it is also important that you know your snoring type.

We have four main types of snoring: tongue-based, mouth-based, nasal snoring and snoring caused by allergies. Obstructive sleep apnea can also be considered as a type of snoring. But for today, we will be focusing on the four main types.

Tongue-based snoring is what happens when the tongue keeps air from getting to your lungs. The sound it makes is also a cross between a high-pitched cooing and growling sound that starts and stops.

As for mouth-based snoring, it is also known as palatal snoring. Later on, you will find that mouth-based sounds pretty similar to nasal snoring. But what makes them different is that mouth-based snoring is caused by the soft palatal tissues vibrating each other.

Breathing through the mouth for long periods of time during sleep also causes mouth-based snoring. On the other hand, nasal snoring is what produces the usual low, rumbling sound when snoring.

Nasal snoring happens when nasal blockages force air to passthrough the mouth. In turn, this causes the airway to collapse. Finally, snoring caused by allergies is simply caused by allergens. Allergens such as dust obstruct nasal passages and make them unsmooth.

Thus, when the passages are blocked, the person is forced to breathe through the mouth. This said one can also say that snoring caused by allergies is also pretty connected or similar to mouth-based snoring.

However, while you can research your snoring type, we do not recommend self-diagnosis. It is still best to get yourself checked. Especially if you think that your snoring is becoming worse because,in the end, prevention is still better than cure. If you can still help it, tackle the problem from its roots.

Maintenance and Care for the LevelSleep Restore Pillow

No matter how expensive or high quality your product is, it needs proper maintenance and care to last a long time. Good thing, LevelSleep has made it easy.

To help their customers and Restore pillow users, LevelSleep gave the proper maintenance and care procedures along with the product information. This is because not every procedure that works for regular memory foam pillows will work for the LevelSleep Restore Pillow.

If you want to clean your Restore pillow, remove the foam pillow and level inserts first. Make sure that the pillowcase is completely empty. Remove spots from the pillow with a clean damp cloth then air dry to finish.

As for the cover, make sure to set your washing machine to a gentle wash cycle. You don’t have to put any bleach and/or fabric softener. Use only warm water. And finally, once the cover is clean, you can tumble it dry at a low temperature.

At The End of the Day

In the end, no one can vouch for the best snoring pillow for you. This is because the effectiveness of a snoring pillow is dependent on the user and a set of factors. Sleeping position and degree of snoring among others are just among the factors that affect the effectiveness of a snoring pillow.

However, for LevelSleep, you won’t lose anything should you decide to try it. Its warranty and 110-night free trial can help you gauge how effective this pillow would be for you,all these without shelling out too much cash yet and commitment.

Other than that, the Restore pillow, in general, is very well-made. It is also very comfortable and has good value for the money. This said we wish you luck in your hunt for the best snoring pillow.