If you are troubled with the nightly banes of snoring, you should give the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snore pillow a try! The Nitetronic Goodnite is one of the best anti-snoring pillows on the market. It is known for its high-tech features that not only eliminates snoring but also enhances your sleeping experience.

The Nitetronic Company is behind this ingenious product. Based in Hamburg, Germany, this company began their operations in 2012. They began selling the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow in selected countries in Europe. But, despite the relatively smaller market, their anti-snoring pillow was an instant hit!

However, this success wasn’t enough for Nitetronic. On January 2016, they released a new version of their anti-snoring pillow that now features the uplink with their app. On August 2016, this new version of the Nitetronic Goodnite snoring pillow was sold in America and Canada. The North American reception was ultimately good.

Now, the NitetronicCompany has one research and development center in Germany and a manufacturing center in China. It also has several distribution centers around the world such as Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Thailand, and Europe. It has even established a branch at California, known as the Nitetronic America LLC.

Up until today, the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow is the only clinically-proven stop snoring pillow on the market. For this reason, the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow musthave features that make it different for the others, right? Well, let us see and found out below!

Why Do We Snore?

Before we head to the Nitetronic Goodnite Product Review, let us review the causes behind our nightly banes. Snoring is primarily caused by narrow airways or blockages around the throat area. These things are caused by lax throat muscles and a particularly large tongue.

More often, snoring is a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Sleep apnea is one of the most common ailments associated with snoring. This disorder is characterized by frequent irregular breathing that causes the snoring. Untreated sleep apnea can lead to other serious medical conditions.

Nitetronic Goodnite Stop Snoring Pillow: Advantages and Disadvantages

Like all anti-snoring pillows, the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow has its own set of pros and cons. Learning these pros and cons will help you decide if this product is the one for you.

Features of the Nitetronic Goodnite Pillow

The Nitetronic Goodnite is armed with several features against snoring. These features are not designed to eliminate snoring but also improve your sleep experience. Let us take a look at what this product has to offer.

Star  Individually-Controlled Air Chambers

In this anti-snoring pillow, there are six individually-controlled air chambers that run along horizontally. These air chambers are responsible for adjusting and controlling your head position as you sleep. As information is collected by its sensors, these air chambers inflate and deflate to reach the optimal head potion.

These air chambers are actually organized in three columns with two air chambers stacked on top of each other. Unlike other pillows, this product is fully capable of shifting your head to the best position that prevents snoring. Other anti-snoring pillows are only capable of raising and lowering your head. And that function is quite ineffective.

Star  Snoring and Position Sensors

What makes the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow so different is its set of snoring and position sensors. These snoring sensors are called MEMS Sound and Vibration Sensors. These sensors are capable of detecting even the quietest snore and collecting data on snoring patterns. This information is then sent to the control unit and the app.

On the other hand, the position sensors are known as the Non-contact position sensors. These sensors can detect the position of your head as you sleep. This feature helps the pillow adjust your head position when needed.

Star  The Nitelink2 App

The Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillows come with two apps: the Nitelink app and the Nitelink2 app.

The Nitelink app is a special recording app that allows you to record your snoring. A lot of users comment that this app’s quality is on par with the popular SnoreLab app. The Nitelink app is quite convenient for monitoring the decibel levels of your snoring. It also helps in seeing if the Nitetronic Goodnite pillow is working to reduce your snoring.

On the other hand, the Nitelink2 app is specifically made for the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow. This app can monitor your snoring by collecting the information from your Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow. The app then arranges your data in a set of helpful charts, percentages, and efficiency scores.

Before using the Nitetronic Goodnite pillow, it is recommended to set a baseline score percentage on the app. Then, connect the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow to the app using Bluetooth. You will be able to see the reduced snore percentage on the app after frequent use of the anti-snoring pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Really Work?

One frequent question asked about the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow is its effectivity. Does it truly work as the other users say? Well, let us see how this product really works.

The Nitetronic Goodnite snoring pillow uses the fundamental theory behind every anti-snoring pillow: positional therapy. It is believed that by repositioning your body or your head, the blockage on your airways can be removed. As a result, the snoring will cease.

The Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow is best in administering positional therapy. In combination with sensors, air chambers, and high-tech app, this anti-snoring pillow can adjust your head to prevent snoring. After all, this product is clinically-proven by medical professionals, according to the Nitetronic Company.

There have been several clinical studies on the effectivity of the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow. `On 2014, the Nitetronic Europe GmbH conducted a study on the product. The participants, men,and women of the age 18 suffered from severe snoring. They were asked to use a regular pillow one night and the product on the second.

The result reveals that the participants of the study had their snoring greatly reduced. What’s more, their sleeping experiences weren’t compromised. The study proves that the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow greatly reduced snoring without affecting the quality of your sleep.

User Comments

A lot of its users express their utter satisfaction from using this product. Before using the product, Joe L’s wife had been fed up with his snoring. She was ready to sleep somewhere else asides from their bed. Thankfully, Joe L started using the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow. Now, his snoring is completely gone!

On the other hand, Jeff had tried several anti-snoring devices before the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow. From mouthpieces to popular anti-snoring pillows, all of them didn’t work. But, that all changed with the Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow. Thanks to this product, his snoring is gone and he can sleep well again.

Another success story is Bruce Bolduc’s. He is quite amazed by the data presented on the app and the adjustments of the pillow. Moreover, he expresses that this product is far easier to use than dental devices and CPAPs. For added comfort, he puts a wedge pillow under the Nitetronic Goodnite pillow during sleep.

Final Thoughts

The Nitetronic Goodnite anti-snoring pillow is capable of both reducing snoring and giving you a good night rest. It can also show data of your snoring patterns through its reliable apps. This snoring pillow is perfect for those suffering from snoring or mild sleep apnea.