Snoring is a very simple yet persistent issue to deal with. What some people might not know is that, although it is simple, it left untreated, it can cause other health problems. Excessive snoring reduces sleep quality and poses a lot of different health threats.

According to statistics, a lot of snoring cases are usually among adults. However, do take note that anybody can suffer from snoring and sleep apnea. Even children as young as five years and below can suffer from it.

The good news is, there are now a lot of methods that can be usedto deal with snoring thanks to technology. You have the MADs (mandibular advancement device), TRDs (tongue retaining device), CPAP, snoring pillows and chin straps among all others.

You can also choose to undergo a surgery if your snoring is already at a harmful degree. But for today, we will be talking about a snoring pillow. A lot of snoring pillows claim to be very effective on varying degrees of snoring.

However, not all of them are as they claim. Although this Sharper Image Snore pillowmight actually be different. Sharper Image is not only a brand for snoring pillows. They are also known for their other quality products.

They have air purifiers, electronics,and other outdoor products. This said the brand is easily among the most trustworthy brands out there for best snoring pillows. Here’s a Sharper Image Pillow reviewto jumpstart your hunt for the best pillow for snoring!

Why Choose Sharper Image?

Just as we mentioned earlier, Sharper Image is easily among the most trustworthy brands out there for snoring pillows. Even back then, Sharper Image has already been serving the world with innovative and quality products since 1977.

In fact, their website is even pretty transparent when it comes to customer feedback to their products. You would see that each product that they sell has a customer feedback section.

There you would see verified buyers posting their comments about the product online. This section is pretty helpful when you’re trying to gauge whether a product is effectiveor not.

Moreover, Sharper Image snoring pillows themselves are pretty effective as well. A good model from Sharper Image would be their Advanced Anti-Snore Pillow. This snoring pillow is 24 inches long.

The length is ideal both for light and heavy snorers. It ensures comfort as it is not too long and not too short. It also weighs a total of 2.6 lbs (pounds). Thus, rest assured that if you plan to take it with you on an outing, it is very lightweight as well.

Sharper Image Snore Pillow:Advantages and Disadvantages

Sharper Image’s Advanced Anti-Snore Pillow is just among the many products for snoring that the company has. They have leg pillows, backrests and the like. However, like any other products, this one also has its strengths and weaknesses.

Listed down are some of the pros and cons this topanti-snoring pillow has:

Care and Maintenance for Sharper Image Snoring Pillow

Like any other device or product, a snoring pillow needs proper care and maintenance. This is because no matter how expensive or high quality your snoring pillow is, it won’t last long without care and maintenance.

When it comes to snoring pillows, especially Sharper Image’s Advanced Anti-Snore Pillow, memory foam is the most common material used. If you research properly, you would find that caring for and maintaining memory foam is quite different.

Carelessly washing memory foam can reduce its quality or worse, damage it. When washing your memory foam pillow, it is best to hand wash it. Using a washing machine to clean memory foam can shred it as it is very soft.

Using a dryer is not recommended as well. Using the typical dryer may only melt the foam. The best thing to do is to simply air dry your memory foam pillow. As for the soak, warm water and a very gentle liquid detergent will do.

Remember to add just enough liquid detergent. Too much of it may also damage the pillow. You can use a toothbrush with very soft bristles when trying to remove tough stains.

But most importantly, do not ever twist a memory foam pillow. Simply squeeze excess water out of the pillow carefully. Twisting a memory foam pillow when wet may only cause it to be deformed (and it won’t return to its original form anymore).

Factors to Consider When Buying Snoring Pillow

Since not all snoring pillows prove to be very effective, it is important that you weigh first all the factors to consider. So, before going on a splurge, here are some important factors we think you need to know:

Star Sleeping Position

This factor is among the most important when it comes to snoring pillows. Your sleeping position can affect the effectiveness of a snoring pillow. Do you often sleep on your sides? On your stomach? Or do you sleep flat on your back?

There are different kinds of snoring pillows and different shapes as well. Make sure to do your research in order to find out which works best for your usual sleeping position.

Star Head, Neck and Shoulder Support

Support is also another important factor. A good snoring pillow does not only provide comfort. It should also provide you with the support that you need. A holistic pillow that provides support for the head, neck,and shoulders is more likely to solve your snoring.

After all, proper support is also the key to absolute comfort. But most importantly, a pillow that doesn’t provide the support that you need might cause problems such as a stiff neck or shoulder problems.

Star The Material of the Pillow

There are different materials used for a snoring pillow. Memory foam, latex, and polyester fiberfill are among the most common materials. However, some brands also use down and feather combinations.

Whichever one you choose, make sure to get one that can last for a very long time. The material is also the key to a pillow’s quality and durability. It also affects a pillow’s performance.

You would find though, that memory foam snoring pillows are among the most preferred. This is because they maintain their form and go back to their original shape every after use. They also last for long periods of time with proper maintenance and care.

Star Size

You wouldn’t want your pillow to be too big or too small. If you plan to use the pillow only at home, then it is best to get one based on the size of your bed. However, if you will be bringing the pillow along with you when traveling, it is best to get a smaller one.

Finally, we also have your budget. This is a very important factor to consider if you do not want to spend much. However, it is best not to sacrifice the quality for the price. Since this is a snoring pillow we’re talking about, it should only be the best.

Final Thoughts

Stop snoring pillows are the perfect method if you want to try resolving your snore without much commitment. No need to shell out a lot of money or to commit yourself to a long-term method.

It is also very simple and easy to use unlike other methods such as mouth guards. However, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on an ineffective snoring pillow, which is why if you want to play it safe, the Sharper Image Snoring Pillow might be a good option for you.