Many TheraSnore reviews come from medical professionals and well-known dentists. This already gives one an idea as to how effective the anti-snoring device. Only a superior quality like that can attract some of the world’s experts.

As for our very own TheraSnore mouthpiece review, we’d like to give you a good picture of the device’s quality. Despite these glowing recommendations, we know that you want to be familiar with TheraSnore.

Now, theTheraSnore anti-snoring device is made in the United Kingdom, and it is one of the most popular. This stop snoring mouthguard is a mandibular advancement device or MAD. It is fully adjustable, and you have five adjustment settings to choose from.

This snoring device is known for its simple and easy fit. It naturally molds into your mouth and fits your teeth perfectly. Due to its comfortable and secure fit, you are able to avoid the risk of lock lower jaw.

The TheraSnore mouthpiece is a clinically-proven device. In fact, it is classified asClass I Medical Device by the UK government. Because of this recognition, the TheraSnore is being supplied to the NHS (of UK) for over 10 years already.

Snoring and sleeping apnea problems are very serious and need medical attention. You might think that snoring is just a natural part of life, but it can be dangerous. Most notably, this might lead to more serious diseases later on.

There is so much in store for you with TheraSnore. It’s time to know its great features that you will surely love!

What You Need to Know About TheraSnore

As a leading snoring mouthguard in the UK, TheraSnore has made it a point to ensure its good quality. This snoring device is proven to stop snoring and treat mild sleep apnea. Even better, you can do your own self-fitting, so you don’t need to visit a dentist.

To know more about the benefits of the TheraSnore, check the pros and cons of the snoring device.

TheraSnore Snoring Device: Advantages and Disadvantages

The TheraSnore anti-snoring mouthpiece is a product of years of research by medical and dental experts. It is a Class 1 Medical device that went through a lot of clinical trials. All of these amounted to TheraSnore being a primary choice for hospitals in the UK.

Both of the pros and cons of the product need to be considered. Despite its number one status, you still need to know some of the disadvantages of using TheraSnore. This way, you will have a balanced perspective on the matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Stop Snoring?

Excessive snoring can be a sign that you are experiencing sleep apnea. Thissleep disorder is potentially dangerous to your health and life in general. As you sleep, your breathing stops then start at different time intervals.

Remember to closely examine the symptoms you have been feeling, especially your snoring. Feeling tired even after hours of sleep could be a sure sign of sleep apnea. Having a snoring device like TheraSnore is a must as a long-term solution.

Does TheraSnore Actually Work?

TheraSnore works by adjusting your jaw forward and holding your tongue in place. This provides a wider path for airway to help you breathe properly. This snoring device is known for its ability to eliminate snoring and treat mild sleep apnea.

According to studies, around 93% of its users said that TheraSnore worked for them. For such a widely used device, this is a great result. This means that a lot of people had their snoring problems treated by the device.

Is TheraSnore Worth the Price?

This stop snoring mouthguard may be on the pricey side, but its effectiveness is beyond great. Since 1987, TheraSnore has helped over one million snorers around the world. It remains to be one of the leading anti-snoring devices in the world.

On top of this, TheraSnore can last up to two years of use. It also comes with a one-year warranty and eight months of cleaning supplies.

What Makes TheraSnore Different?

One of the key things that make TheraSnore different is its status in the medical world. Since it is a clinically-recommended device, you can’t help but trust its quality. As long as it is used in hospitals, you know that it is a product worth every penny.

Moreover, TheraSnore has five adjustments setting that you can change as you see fit. Other snoring devices cannot even be adjusted after molding it; some have fewer adjustment settings. It’s good that TheraSnore provides you with more choices.

Who Can Use TheraSnore?

Anyone who wants to eliminate snoring can use the TheraSnore snoring device. As mentioned earlier, this device is also used to cure mild to moderate sleep apnea. Going to your doctor or dentist can also help you decide if TheraSnore is the one for you.

Be reminded however that this device is not for those who have full dentures and lose teeth. The device needs a lot of pressure with the help of the teeth. It will be disastrous to break the device or your dentist’s work should you push through with it.

Custom Fitting Process

Since it has a cleaning process, TheraSnore also has a guideline for fitting process. As it happens, you can fit the device by yourself. However, if you had dental works or dentures for more than a year, you must ask a dentist to fix it for you.

The TheraSnore anti-snoring device follows the boil-and-bite process. You must submerge it in hot water, and then bite on it to moldafter that harden it through cold water.

Cleaning Tips

TheraSnore has asuggested cleaning process that you can use for your very own snoring device. Every morning, you must rinse your snoring mouthpiece with cold water. Brush it with a toothbrush to remove any unwanted material stuck to it.

Remember to clean your TheraSnore with warm water once a week. Then, for 30 minutes, you must soak it into dissolved Nitradine for extra cleanliness. Always keep in mind that you shouldn’t store it in water when not in use.

User Comments

TheraSnore is a reliable anti-snoring mouthpiece that is loved by many loyal customers. You can definitely rest assured that these recommendations come from years of use and experience. Even medical experts have only good things to say about the device.

Terry Glet says that he has been using TheraSnore for three years already. After trying all types of snoring aids, this is the only one that worked. He appreciated that it provides the right jaw extension and that it is convenient to use at night.

Achieving a full night’s sleep has been Mr. Peterson’s dream for 12 years. He tried so many snoring devices for, but only achieved the desired result through TheraSnore. Thanks to this device, he finally got his dream after only using it for three weeks.

Final Thoughts

TheraSnore is one of the leading anti-snoring devices in the world. It is a well-regarded medical appliance that has helped millions of people suffering from snoring. With its advanced design, your snoring problem and sleep apnea can be treated immediately.

Already 93% of its users have testified to its effectiveness. Its price and warranty are also a very desirable deal since it can last up to two years.