Many Theravent customerreviews approve of it as one of the best snoring aids around. For those who breathe more through their nose, this is the better option. As a nasal snoring aid, it specifically addresses the needs of these people.

All about Theravent

The Theravent EPAP Snoring Aid is anExpiratory Positive Airway Pressure device or EPAP. An EPAP helps to breathe through the nose without any friction. A pressure is built-up in the nose, which then eliminates the vibration that causes snoring.

These EPAP devices are like bandages that are placed on the nostrils. It is equipped with valves that allow air to flow in freely. A build-up of air pressure inside the nose forces the lungs to work better for a proper breathing.

Thus, Theravent is used to treat mild-to-moderate sleep apnea. One of the mainsymptomsor effect of sleep apnea is excessive snoring. This is not good at all because it causes your body to work harder even when you sleep.

As it goes, treating the symptoms like snoring is a must to prevent sleep apnea from becoming more obstructive. With sleep apnea, the breathing gets repeatedly started and stopped. This is a big problem as it happens when you sleep.

Luckily, the Theravent EPAP Snoring Aid is a good way to stop snoring. This device is specially designed for nasal snorers. It is an adhesive bandage that is placed on the nostrils, and you can breathe through the microvalve.

There is so much to unpack about the Theravent EPAP Snoring Aid. It is a unique product that is probably a lot different than what you are used to. You see, most people are only aware of common anti-snoring mouthpieces and CPAP machines. To know more about the Theravent EPAP Snoring Aid, read on!

Theravent EPAP Snoring Aid: Advantages and Disadvantages

Similar to other snoring aids, Theravent EPAP has its own set of pros and cons. It is important to know these pros and cons to decide if this product is the best one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Stop Snoring?

Snoring is commonly considered as a simple nuisance at night that might disturb everyone’s sleep because of its loudness. However, it is actually a much bigger problem to others. Excessive snoring may be a sign of an obstructive sleep apnea.

One way to address this problem is to cure your snoring. Snoring leads to a feeling of constant tiredness that is in no way good for you.

How to Use Theravent EPAP Snoring Aid

Using the Theravent EPAP Snoring Aid is not too difficult. Like a nasal strip, it has an adhesive to help it stick to your nose. The only difference is that it is placed on the nostrils instead of the nose bridge.

The microvalve has holes that essentially helps regulate breathing. Be reminded though that the adhesive is made of rubber materials. Thus, if you’re allergic to rubber, you cannot use this.

Theravent EPAP Snoring Aidcomes in three variants: lite, regular, and max. Lite only has 50% of the Regular’s strength and is made for quiet snorers. Regular is made for mild snorers, while Max is for those who snore extremely loud.

What Do Research Studies Say?

Many researches have been conducted regarding the efficiency of Theravent against snoring. The results showed a decrease of 76% of snoring frequency among the research participants. Moreover, the participants claimed that their quality of sleep vastly improved.

But, how do these results compare to the other nasal snoring aids? The results of this study on Theravent are significantly better than the studies on other top snoring aids.

Moreover, Theravent’s claim on treating sleep apnea seems more plausible than the other claims of other snoring aids.

However, the only way to know if Theravent does work is to try it foryourself. Thanks to its free trial, you can try Theravent for size without splurging a single cent.

Benefits of Theravent EPAP Snoring Aid

The Theravent EPAP Snoring Aid is a small and disposable device. After using it overnight, you can already throw it away and use another one for the next. This means that you don’t have to worry about constantly having to clean it every day.

Being small, the Theravent EPAP is convenient to bring around. There are cases when you might have to go away for a trip. Since it is packed inside a box, you only need to insert it in your bag, and then you’re good to do.

What makes Theravent EPAP Snoring Aid so great is that it uses the natural air flow to its favor. These snoring aids actually help in controlling the air coming in and out of our nose. It does not simply rely on opening the airways as most devices do.

Perhaps, its best benefit is that it isdesigned for nasal snorers. While snoring mouthpieces are helpful, they might not be the best fit for some snorers. Those who snore through their nose need a device that is in direct contact with it.

Does TheraventWork to Stop Snoring?

Theravent is legally classified as a treatment for snoring. For this reason, this product should work…shouldn’t it? Before we decide if Theravent works or not, let’s look on to how it functions.

As an EPAP, Theravent has small fiber filters called microvalves. When you inhale, these microvalves open up to facilitate easy and unrestricted airflow. However, when you exhale, the microvalves close up to create a resistance. In turn, this alternating pattern creates a positive pressure.

This positive pressure is believed to travel and open up your airways. With an open airway, not only do you put your snoring to a stop, you can also breathe better.

Each Theravent package has a different density of microvalves for different snoring levels. For example, the Lite Theravent package has the least density of microvalves and resistance as it is designed for light snorers.

User Comments

We’ve already explored the statements of the manufacturer and research studies, what about its users? Let’s take a look at Theravent customer reviews and gauge their experience with the product.

Amazon user S H Hayes praises the efficiency of the product. Ever since he started wearing the product, his wife had never heard a snore from him since. And if she did, it was so quiet that she didn’t even notice it.

However, the product needs a long time to get used to. At times, the adhesive is not strong enough to keep the product in place. On other times, the product forces him to breathe through the mouth instead of the nostrils.

But, as he says, the positives outweigh the negatives and he is happy to have used the product.

Final Thoughts

Theravent EPAP is a good snoring aid to use after all other snoring aids have failed. It is a lightweight, convenient, and easy-to-use product. Moreover, it has undergone clinical trials and research studies to test its efficiency.